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How Sustainability Saves America

By taking on the cause of “global unsustainability” America can achieve its highest ideals while restoring its prosperity, security and environmental and social well-being.





SaLisa Berrien of COI Energy Services, an energy use management company that is part of the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator company

Posted by University of South Florida Research & Innovation on Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Solar energy systems ramp up in Tampa Bay Area

A Tampa startup, COI Energy Services, is working to reduce waste through proprietary software it unveiled Feb. 20 at the University of South Florida. Described as the Uber of energy, COI is offering a fee-based service that allows business users to voluntarily reduce usages during peak demand times in return for financial rewards.

CEO SaLisa Berrien says refrigeration systems can become assets, much like cars do with the UBER transportation services. Taking a lot of them off line at the same time has a huge impact.