COI Energy Optimizer™ is an end to end solution that helps utilities, industrial and commercial businesses with their energy optimization needs by integrating the Demand Side Management resources with the health of the electric grid.

The benefits the solution provides are:

  • Reduce Downtime & Grid Constraints
  • Improve Capacity Utilization
  • Reduce Energy Spending
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Monetize Energy Capacity
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Solution features includes:

    • Set controllable parameters to maximize Profits
    • Increases Profits with Payout occurring in Months, not Years
    • Provides Real-Time Data for Strategic Target Marketing

    COI provides a SaaS solution that allows utilities and its business customers to maximize energy savings and efficiency solutions such as demand response, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. The COI Energy Optimizer is a one stop portal that houses these programs for businesses and customers to monetize their resources:

    • Demand Response – take advantage of energy savings when the electric grid is under heavy stress by reducing electric demand.
    • Energy Efficiency – take advantage of analytics to understand energy usage and demand trends from energy equipment and behaviors to make actionable
    • Renewable Energy – identify how much renewable energy capacity is available to support grid constraints including opportunities to sell power back to the
    • Rebates / Incentives – identify rebates or incentives that are available from the utility company, federal and/or state government that each customer uniquely qualifies, then send alerts to those



OptimizeDR  (Demand Response Module)






OptimizeEE  (Energy Efficiency Module)






OptimizeRE  (Renewable Energy Module)





OptimizeIN  (Rebates and Incentives Module)