Company Overview


COI Energy Services, Inc. is a minority owned energy technology business with a focus on providing customers with fast, simple, cost effective energy solutions that deliver the best value. We exist to help businesses do business better by making the world more energy efficient.



We have over 75 years of energy and technology experience across our management team. Our consultants lean on COI’s experience in the energy sector to help its clients capitalize on supply-side and demand-side opportunities. We utilize our circle of influence to help businesses increase earnings, improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

I&C Services                                                                                                         

  • Supply-side energy solutions (i.e. Renewable energy, distributed generation, commodities, etc.)
  • Demand-side energy solutions (i.e. Energy efficiency, demand response, etc.)
  • Monetize energy assets
  • IoT Services

         Utility Services    

  • Supply-side energy solutions for industrial and commercial customers
  • Demand-side energy solutions for industrial and commercial customers
  • Customer Engagement Tools



Keys to Success

  1. Efficiency and Speed
  2. Simplicity
  3. Best Value
  4. Customer Delight (Do unto customers as they would have you do unto them…The Platinum Rule)

COI | Educate. Empower. Impact.

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