About COI

COI Energy Services

COI Energy Services is an Energy Optimization company that leverages technology to provide optimization solutions to utilities, its customers and Smart Cities.Utilities are looking for better ways to engage their customers to improve customer satisfaction, increase earnings, optimize the electric grid and reduce overall carbon footprint. COI Optimizer does just that.

COI Energy Services has incorporated all energy programs and resources under one portal to provide utility companies
quick access to virtual power plants to help heal the grid while providing two-way communication between utilities and its customer to better understand their unique wants, needs, and types of resources available behind the customer’s
meter to support the electric grid.

The COI Optimizer provides utility companies with a vehicle to intelligently manage program performance for their in-house Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy programs. It has the flexibility to provide alerts
for Power Outages, Bill Payments, Real-time Pricing, etc. Also, by carefully interpreting end-use customer past behavior with the machine learning techniques incorporated, it can use that information to predict future usage behavior in providing insights that automatically deliver timely, interactive, and relevant communications
that help drive business outcomes to the end-use customers.

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COI OptimizerTM produces better outcomes, lowers cost to serve, and achieves higher customer satisfaction. Overall, the
solution is a pathway to a more Energy Efficient Economy.